An Albemarle County Plantation Home in Howardsville, VA

  • Exterior Front
  • Exterior Back
  • Parlour
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Outbuildings
  • Aerial Front

Monticola, a Greek Revival Mansion located in Howardsville, Virginia, was built in the 1850s for Daniel James Hartsook, a merchant, banker and planter. In 1865, Union troops raided Howardsville and Monticola, but left the mansion undamaged. In 1887, Emil Otto Nolting purchased the estate. Nolting modified the portico and added a semicircular porch at the rear of the house. Monticola remained in the Nolting family into the twentieth century. The estate changed hands several times since then.

In late 2005, Dunterry LLC acquired the home which was showing its age. Dunterry worked with Frazier Associates to develop a renovation plan that was approved by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. Dunterry was able to restore the original front porch design. A kitchen, bathrooms and closets were added. The home is now available for purchase with 102 acres or several other acreage combinations up to 292 acres.


  • Eleven 18’ x 18’ rooms including
  • 4 Bedrooms (3.5 baths)
  • Double parlor with pocket doors
  • Gourmet kitchen with adjacent family room
  • Billiard room with wet bar and entertainment area
  • Office area
  • 12 fireplaces
  • Heart-pine floors throughout
  • Accessible cupola
  • Original smokehouse
  • Original 810 square foot cottage (could be guest house or studio)
  • 4 other outbuildings
  • Pool
  • Mature boxwoods and cedar grove
  • Gated entrance
  • Lower Level Floor Plan
  • Main Floor Plan
  • Upper Level Floor Plan
  • Three Parcel Layout
  • Monticola - 2005
  • Double Parlor
  • Parlor Fireplace
  • Basement
  • Pre 1890
  • Document

1840s – Daniel James & Elizabeth Carrington Hartsook acquired 791 acres in Howardsville.


1853 – Monticola was built.


1882 – Benjamin Hartsook purchased estate for $4,000 after his father’s death.


1887 – Emil Otto & Susanne Catherine Nolting purchased house with 456 acres.


1911 – Emily Nolting inherited Monticola.


1940 -  The movie 'Virginia' was filmed at Monticola. The exterior of the home and several outbuildings can be seen throughout the film.

1955 – Dr. Margaret Nolting (Emily’s sister) inherited Monticola and sold all but house and 40 acres.


1957 – Paul Deckard purchased mansion but never took occupancy.


1968 – Gerald Millar Wilson purchased mansion.


1987 – Akwenasa Community, Inc. (a group of artists) purchased mansion.


1993 – Paula I. Mell acquired mansion and 40 acres.


1995 – Paula I. Mell acquired an additional 273 acres bringing total to 313.


Early 2000s – Ms. Mell passed away and the bank acquired the mansion.


August 2005 – Dunterry LLC purchased the home with 313 acres.


2006 – Renovations began (completed in 2008).

Virginia Movie Cover

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